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Item A - I3 Series Hardwire

The i3 Series photoelectric smoke detector is a  plug-in design allowing pre-wiring before installation. One of the ideal features is drift compensation which automatically adjusts sensitivity for dust accumulation, minimizing nuisance alarmsl The i3 series has smoothing alogorithms that adjust for short term spikes of smoke and dust minimising nuisance alarms. It also has a ​removable detector cover and chamber for easy cleaning

​Smoke Detectors

Item A

Item B

Item B - 5800SMOKEV

This 5800SMOKEV is ideal for hard-to-wire locations, areas where hazardous materials exist and situations where aesthetics are preferred with its small form factor.​ It has improved detection of smoke from common synthetic materials found in many modern home furnishings, which typically burn faster and hotter.  It also manages to have a smaller footprint than its predecessors while still maintaining its ability to detect the presence of smoke, heat, and freeze conditions